Somnee Sleep Lab

The Somnee Sleep Lab is located in downtown Berkeley, next to the University of California, Berkeley.

State-of-the-art testing and validation

The science behind Somnee has been rigorously tested and validated in our proprietary Somnee Sleep Lab alongside our team and science advisors: Dr. Matthew Walker, Dr. Rich Ivry, and our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Knight. Our real-world results have been peer-reviewed and published in the scientific journal, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

  • Our initial controlled sleep lab studies were conducted comparing over 1500+ nights of sleep data, ages 30-70. Each participant had multiple sleep sessions for comparative analysis and evaluations.

  • Sleep activity was recorded using laboratory-grade EEG and EKG systems, and was scored by a certified polysomnography technician, using the same approach as leading medical sleep labs.

  • Somnee’s effect on sleep from our most recent sleep lab study showed 4x more effectiveness of a melatonin pill in improving sleep efficiency and duration.

Current Sleep Lab Study Recruitment:

We're currently seeking the following candidates for our winter clinical sleep study in Berkeley, CA:

Male/Female, 35-65 years of age; issues falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night.
1.) One overnight at our Somnee Sleep Lab in Berkeley, CA.
2.) Two months of regular Somnee use at your home while wearing a provided wearable.
3.) Survey completion and call session.
This session is paid and provides a complimentary Somnee and wearable.
Please sign up to be considered for our current Winter Sleep Study.

Contact us to participate in future studies