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The best 15 minutes before bed

Fall asleep in half the time

The science behind Somnee has been rigorously tested and validated by world-leading neuroscientists Dr. Matthew Walker, Dr. Robert Knight, Dr. Rich Ivry, and Dr. Ram Gurumoorthy. Real-world results are peer-reviewed and published in the scientific journal, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

Improve overall sleep quality

Somnee works by using our proprietary EEG+ technology to understand your brain’s natural sleep patterns. It then uses those insights to personalize its gentle neurostimulation (tACS) and promote your brain’s sleep activity for a better night’s rest. Non-invasive stimulation like tACS is safe and has been used for decades.

Reduce tossing and turning by a third

As the world’s first clinical-grade diagnostic and therapeutic headband, Somnee only needs 15 minutes to work its magic and prepare your mind for faster and deeper rest. At the end of your session, take Somnee off and enjoy a deeply restorative night’s sleep.

Wake up more refreshed

Every night you use Somnee, it gets better at understanding your brain’s unique sleep pathways and helping you sleep faster, longer, and more deeply. With just 2-3 weeks of use, 80% of our users report significant benefits to their nightly sleep and daily energy.

Ditch the sleeping pills

On average, Somnee is 4x more effective than melatonin, 2x more effective than Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT-i), and 1.5x more effective than Ambien in improving sleep quality and duration.

  • Doctor Recommended

  • Safe, Effective, and Drug-free

  • 4x Better Than Melatonin

  • 2x Better Than Sleep CBT-I

  • HSA/FSA Eligible

  • Clinically Validated

How Somnee works

A 15-minute Somnee session before bed is all you need to improve your whole night. At the end of the session, you can take Somnee off and benefit from a great night’s rest - no overnight use needed.

Somnee delivers gentle neurostimulation to safely promote sleep. Your brain waves start mimicking Somnee's guidance signals and are nudged into optimal sleep pathways.

Read about the science

Advanced brain mapping

Somnee’s advanced EEG+ sensors map and identify your brainwaves before bed over 2-7 nights to create a working model of your brain’s unique sleep patterns and trends.

Personalized to you

Somnee's proprietary AI determines the most effective frequencies to promote faster sleep onset, fewer nightly wake-ups, and better sleep quality.

Every night, Somnee assesses your brain activity pre- and post-session to continually improve its gentle neurostimulation, delivering better and more restful sleep with every session.

Sleep readiness reports

Every session, Somnee evaluates how well it primed your brain for deep, restorative sleep by comparing your brain activity before and after stimulation.

Your report features predictive scores of how likely you are to experience faster sleep (onset), fewer sleep interruptions (maintenance), deep sleep (depth), and overall better sleep (sleep readiness score).

Sleep journal

Powered by Dr. Matt Walker's expert sleep evaluation methodologies, Somnee's sleep journal tracks goals tied to anxiety, health, recovery, and how they relate to your sleep performance.

How your free trial works

Today: Unlock instant access for better sleep

Get started with Somnee to experience continuous sleep improvement that is personalized and designed for your unique brain rhythms.

First 7 Sessions: Fully map your unique brain rhythms

For your first 7 sessions, Somnee will get to know your unique brain signatures and rhythms and map them.

Next 14 Sessions: Our AI models fully personalize your neurostimulations

Starting your 8th session, Somnee will learn how your brain likes to fall asleep and start personalizing the stimulations to match your preferred sleep pathways.

By Day 30: Sleep well guarantee or a risk-free full refund

You can try Somnee for 30 days risk-free with our Sleep Well Guarantee. If your sleep doesn't improve within the first month, send it back for full refund and we'll even pay for return shipping.

  • 80%+
    Experience significant sleep improvement.

  • 94% 
    Continue using Somnee after the 30-day trial.

  • 73% 
    Converted to Somnee after other sleep aids.

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Developed by world leading neuroscientists

The science behind Somnee has been rigorously tested and validated by the research team at StimScience and our science team: Dr. Matthew Walker, Dr. Robert Knight, Dr. Rich Ivry, and Dr. Ram Gurumoorthy.

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Try risk-free for 30 days

$299 USD + $18/mo sleep service membership

30-day free membership. Only 60 cents a day for quality sleep. FSA/HSA eligible for up to 30% savings.

Personalized daily stimulation, adapts to your brain

A Somnee membership includes on-going stim session personalization: Somnee’s stimulation settings will automatically adjust to determine the best session to improve your sleep.

Free electrode replenishment during membership

A Somnee membership also includes as many replacement electrodes as you need, automatically delivered right to your door.

Free shipping, anywhere in the U.S.

Currently, Somnee is only shipped to U.S. addresses, please continue to check back as we are working hard to make Somnee available in other countires.

Enjoy Somnee at home with a risk-free 30 day trial. Return it for a full refund if you don't love it.