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Decades of research have found what many of us already know to be true — we’re not our best selves without a good night’s sleep. But the effects of sleep deprivation go much further than having “an off day.”

  • $44.6 billion
    Lost productivity each year due to chronically poor sleep.*

  • 30-40%
    U.S. employees and managers average < 6 hrs of sleep a night.**

  • 2.3 work days
    Missed per month by poor sleepers vs healthy sleepers.*

Pioneered. Patented. Personalized.

The science behind Somnee has been rigorously tested and validated by the research team at StimScience and our science team: Dr. Matthew Walker, Dr. Robert Knight, Dr. Rich Ivry, and Dr. Ram Gurumoorthy.

Backed by science

Backed by 7 years of rigorous research and 1500+ nights of at-home data. On average, Somnee is 4x more effective than melatonin, 2x more effective than Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT-i), and 1.5x more effective than Ambien in improving sleep quality and duration.

Unrivaled sleep

Reduction in time to fall asleep

Reduction nightly restlessness

Minutes of added nightly sleep

As our Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Matt Walker wrote in the bestseller Why We Sleep,

"Sleep is the greatest legal performance-enhancing drug that most people are probably neglecting."

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