Discover Somnee’s World-Class Sleep Tech

How it works

Somnee works by wearing our sleep headband that uses proprietary brain mapping diagnosis using EEG sensors and algorithms, and provides a 15 minute therapeutic stimulation (tES, or transcranial electrical stimulation) session at bedtime. The stimulation parameters are personalized based on real-time, individual brain rhythms; this has the effect of changing the brain’s state in a way that optimally balances sleep inertia, duration, and depth.

  • Safe

    Somnee works by using EEG which is the gold standard in reading brainwave patterns for gentle electrical stimulation to promote your brain’s natural sleep pattern. Non-invasive electrical stimulation is safe and used every day to help with everything from muscle recovery to anxiety.

  • Easy

    A 15 minute stim session at bedtime is all you need to improve your whole night. Somnee personalizes each stim session based on your individual brain rhythms. At the end of the stimulation session, you can take Somnee off and benefit from a great night’s sleep.

  • Effective

    Somnee is the only sleep aid to use personalized stimulation to directly improve sleep quality. A stim session cuts the time to fall asleep in half, increases sleep duration by over 30 minutes, and reduces overnight tossing and turning by a third. You’ll wake up feeling relaxed and recharged.