Step by step guide to setting up your Somnee

Step 1. Unbox and unpack Somnee

Unpack your Somnee device, the contents inside the box will include your Somnee Headband, a pack of gel-based electrodes, flex clip (used to connect the provided gel electrodes), and a charging base + cable/wall plug.

Step 2. Place Somnee on the charging base

Before using Somnee, you will need to place the headband on the charging base. Set up the charging base on your nightstand and plug it in using the provided USB cable and wall adapter.

Step 3. Download and Log into the Somnee app

Download the app by searching for “Somnee” in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device. Log into the app using the email address you provided Somnee. Your trial will begin once you activate your first stim session. You should not be asked to provide a credit card.

Step 4. Place gel electrodes on the flex clip

Electrodes can be placed on the flex clip by positioning the flex clip pins over the metal contact points on the electrode. The electrode pins are magnetically guided, however, make sure that you hear each one “click” securely into the flex clip, ensuring they snap into place with no movement. When not in use, place the flex clip with electrodes on the mound of the charger base. Gently press the electrodes gel-side down onto the mound of the charging base to ensure full contact and protect them from dust and other particles.

Step 6. Adjust and size your Somnee headband

Adjust your Somnee headband and put it on. It should be snug and comfortable. Align the center of the band with the bridge of your nose, and align the bottom of the band with the top of your eyebrows. After you tighten the band the first time you don’t need to readjust when taking it off and putting it back on.

Step 7. Prepare for a session

Wash your forehead and make sure your skin is dry before use. Some skin creams and moisturizers are conductive and could make a stimulation session uncomfortable. Pull away any hair from your forehead before placing the flex clip on your headband while wearing Somnee.

Step 8. Snap Flex Clip on top of Somnee headband

There is a magnetically guided port at the top of your Somnee headband where the Flex Clip will snap and secure into place. Snap the flex clip into the top of your headband and press the electrodes against your forehead to ensure full contact. Electrodes last for 3 days, so whether you’ve used your Somnee or not, make sure to snap in a new set of electrodes on the 4th day.

Step 9. Open the Somnee app to start a session

Your headband will automatically connect to the Somnee app when a session begins. When you’re ready to connect your Somnee, press the button on the bottom of the headband, then tap the ‘Start Session’ button in the app. If your Somnee is not connecting to the app, you can press/hold the headband button for eight seconds to reset, or disable/re-enable bluetooth on your phone to help troubleshoot.

Step 10. Run your session

The stim session will start with a 30-second neural reading and then have 15 minutes of gentle electrical stimulation. During the 15 minutes you can relax, read a book, listen to music or start to fall asleep. If you need to pause or restart during the first two minutes of the session, you can do so using the app. You can stop a session at any time by pressing the button on the headband.

Step 11. Session experience

You may feel a tingling sensation or seeing  light pulses during the session. This is normal and totally safe. If you feel any discomfort during the session, press on the electrodes to ensure they have full contact with your forehead or try reducing the intensity in the settings tab in the app.

Step 11. Finish your session

You do not need to wear Somnee all night to improve your sleep. A 15 minute stim session before bedtime is all you need to prepare your brain for rest. When your session is complete, you can take Somnee off and place it back on the charging base. Remove the flex clip from the headband and place the flex clip on the charging mound with electrodes facing down.

Step 12. Viewing session reports

To ensure non-interrupted data analysis for your Sleep Readiness Stim Reports the next morning, we recommend leaving the app open on your phone for an additional two minutes and turning off ‘power-saving’ and ‘do not disturb’ modes to avoid session interruptions. After 7 completed sessions, you’ll be able to review all your previous and ongoing stim reports in the ‘Reports’ section of the app.